Cliven Bundy’s Wife goes off on Harry Reid and His Plot to Take the Land Her Family Lives On

Tim Brown | Freedom Outpost

Political Prisoner Cliven Bundy's wife had a few choice words for Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), and she took the time to put a short video together to air her thoughts out to him after Reid said, "And the reason we haven't been able to do anything to this point is … the Bundy boys and his pals. Because of the fact that the Bundys are in jail, I'm going to reach out to the White House … We'll see if President Obama will protect this area. He has the authority, as any president does, to stop this sort of destruction and stop it now."

Carol Bundy's husband, Cliven, along with her four sons are in prison now because they took a stand against a corrupt and criminal DC government and its strong arm gestapo, the Bureau of Land Management and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In an emotional video, Mrs. Bundy not only mentioned her family members who were in prison, but also made mention of LaVoy Finicum, the man who was murdered in cold blood by the Oregon State Police with the aid of the FBI.

"I have a best friend, whose husband was shot," she said. "And Harry Reid put out a YouTube today talking about saving our land for future generations."

She then inserted in her video some of the beauty of the land that she and her family live on and have ranched for generations.

Though she shows us the beauty of the land she occupies, she asks, "What more could a rancher's wife ask for other than to have her family and her friends home where they need to be with their families?"

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