CIA Director Claims Hillary’s Emails May Have Caused Benghazi Disaster


Scott Mason | Western Journalism

According to one major CIA analyst former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server may have directly led to people’s death.

Ray McGovern, CIA analyst and a trusted confidant of Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan, believes it is entirely possible that Clinton’s unsecure server was hacked. If that is indeed what happened, McGovern believes it may have tipped off our enemies about Ambassador Stevens’ lack of security in Benghazi and led to the now infamous attack that killed four Americans.

Writing for Consortium News, McGovern points out, “If there is any indication that Clinton’s belatedly classified emails contained information about internal State Department discussions regarding the consulate’s security shortcomings, questions may be raised about whether that information was somehow compromised by a foreign intelligence agency and shared with the attackers.”

McGovern believes Clinton’s incompetence also led to the attack. Elaborating further, he said, “We know that State Department bureaucrats under Secretary Clinton overruled repeated requests for additional security in Benghazi. We also know that Clinton disregarded NSA’s repeated warnings against the use of unencrypted communications. One of NSA’s core missions, after all, is to create and maintain secure communications for military, diplomatic and other government users.”

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