CIA Director Admits ISIS Decimated under Bush, Has Grown 4400% under Obama

by John S. Roberts, Young Conservatives

Because of Barack Obama’s negligence in handling our military presence in the Middle East, ISIS rose to power.

When he pulled out the troops he opened the door for radicals to move in and occupy. The job had not yet been completed, but Barry thought otherwise.

Now, even 44’s own CIA director is admitting that George W. Bush decimated ISIS, while the terrorist cell has grown upwards of 4400% under the current president.

What a legacy this man will leave behind.

From AEI via GP:

In a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies yesterday, CIA director John Brennan made a startling admission: The Islamic State was “decimated” under George W. Bush and had just “700-or-so adherents left” following the surge in Iraq. Said Brennan:

[ISIS] was, you know, pretty much decimated when US forces were there in Iraq. It had maybe 700-or-so adherents left. And then it grew quite a bit in the last several years, when it split then from al-Qaida in Syria, and set up its own organization.

But in September 2014, a CIA analysis found that:

[ISIS] can muster between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters across Iraq and Syria … This new total reflects an increase in members because of stronger recruitment since June following battlefield successes and the declaration of a caliphate, greater battlefield activity, and additional intelligence.

This means that, by the CIA’s own estimate, ISIS has grown on President Obama’s watch from just 700 fighters to between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters.

That is an increase of between 2,700 and 4,400 %.

Did the people who voted for ‘hope’ and ‘change’ get what they asked for?

Did they want terrorism to grow? Did they want their healthcare premiums to spike? Did they expect Obama to make America look weak whenever he visited another country?

January 20, 2017 marks the end of Obama’s eight year vacation.

Best of luck to the next president. He’ll have his hands full cleaning up the mess left behind.

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