Censorship Warning: Obama’s Internet Transfer Means Your Privacy, Anonymity and Free Speech Are Under Serious Threat

Censorship Warning: Obama’s Internet Transfer Means Your Privacy, Anonymity and Free Speech Are Under Serious Threat

by Jeremiah Johnson, SHTFplan.com

Obama’s campaign slogan in both elections was “Yes we can,” however, these past almost eight years have been marked by unilateral actions for virtually everything that he has forced on the United States and the American people.  The NDAA, the signing onto the Climate Change accord during this recent UN conference, the directive for Kerry to sign the Small Arms Treaty…the list is almost endless.  “Yes I can,” is the more appropriate slogan, and with the exclusion of the word “yes” and by adding a letter “N” we are seeing this slogan in the transfer of Internet control to ICANN.

This Los Angeles firm is a multinational corporation.  “ICANN” stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.  It sounds Orwellian because it is, and China and Russia are large shareholders in this firm.  Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) opposes the transfer, and in a letter to the Commerce Department (the entity directed by Obama to initiate Internet transfer and relinquish U.S. control over it), he wrote this:

“The proposal will significantly increase the power of foreign governments over the Internet, expand ICANN’s historical core mission by creating a gateway to content regulation, and embolden leadership to act without any real accountability.”

On August 16, Rudy Takala penned a piece entitled America to Hand Off Internet Control in Under Two Months.  Here is an excerpt from that piece that is worth keeping in mind regarding both censorship controls and loss of personal freedoms for Internet users:

“While those issues could, in theory, lead to a legal challenge being filed in the days following the transfer, the administration has expressed a desire to finish it before the president leaves office…”

This is very similar to the executive orders and actions Obama took to allow the flood of undocumented illegal aliens into the United States without fear of deportation from 2012 until this year when the courts ruled such actions illegal.  The point: before it even came under court ruling, an uncountable number of illegal aliens surged across our borders and were given “immunity” by Obama.  The same thing applies to this ICANN transfer within the language of Takala’s article: “…could, in theory, lead to a legal challenge being filed in the days following the transfer…”

Once the transfer is accomplished, ladies and gents, what court can be appealed to?  Since it is being transferred into the hands of a multinational stakeholder, then it would have to be taken to The Hague and the international court.  The transfer will have been done, and Obama will have accomplished yet another major erosion of our liberties by placing the Internet into the hands of Russia and China, who will undoubtedly censor and squelch every independent news network.  There’s also an insidious reason that is highly possible and probable for Obama’s actions with the Internet:

Obama and Kerry are preconditioning the public with a script that Russia may be attempting to hijack the presidential election by tampering with the ballots and rigging the vote.  With control of the Internet given partially to Russia one month before the election, this gives Obama the pretense he needs to declare the election null and void and blame it on the Russians.

To make matters worse, ICANN’s office in China is in the same building that China uses to censor its own Internet, the Cyberspace Administration of China located in Beijing.  On Thursday, September 22nd, Obama mouthpiece Josh Earnest had this to say regarding the protests of Senator Cruz and other lawmakers in relation to this Internet transfer:

“It doesn’t withstand scrutiny.  It also strikes me as a curious position for a self-described small government conservative to shut down the government to ensure that the federal government can continue to control the Internet.  It doesn’t make any sense.”

Earnest was referring to the fact that Cruz and others attached a provision that would prevent the transfer (of the Internet) to a bill that would fund the government to keep it from “shutting down” corresponding to October 1, the fiscal year.  This, too, will backfire, as it did in 2012 when Republicans were accused of stalling and not passing measures in a timely fashion to “fund” the government and prevent a shutdown…the year Obama retaliated in a half-measure by shutting down the World War II memorials and preventing the WWII veterans from accessing them.

On this occasion, however, the measure to pass will be vetoed by Obama, and the Republicans will be blamed for the “government shutdown,” and the Internet will still be transferred, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Commerce under the direction of Obama.  The government always shuts down: it does so from Friday afternoon to Monday morning.  The Congress just took a vacation for two months…not even returning to “work” until after the Labor Day weekend.  The monolith came to a standstill, but the vacations to Martha’s Vineyard didn’t.

Now it’s time to save the monolith that lands in the midst of “Moon-watcher” and company and taxes them at a rate of $2 trillion per year.  Racial unrest and violence is still occurring in Charlotte, amidst the “peppering” of gun-violence incidents being reported by the media.  All of this is part of the circus to divert attention from October 1, when the Internet slips from our grasp.

As the control of the Internet is being ceded to China, Russia, and friends, potentially the death-rattle is being sounded for free, independent news outlets and user privacy and anonymity.  Simultaneously the transfer provides Obama with yet another excuse to use to “snake” the elections, or to simply declare them null and void by blaming hackers or internet hijackers.  The true trail to the coming internet censorship and any election chicanery, however, leads straight to D.C. and into the White House.  “Yes he can,” courtesy of ICANN.

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