Campus security protects protesters who crash Milo event, not the crowd that came to see him [VIDEO]


Matt Lamb | The College Fix

 An eyewitness account

DePaul University ordered its College Republicans (CRs) chapter to spend several hundred dollars extra on beefed-up security for its event with anti-feminist firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos Tuesday night.

The security presence proved to be purely ornamental.

After protesters were warned that they would be removed if they interrupted the event, both DePaul security and Chicago police officers went limp in the face of Black Lives Matter activists who took over the stage.

Roughly 15 minutes into Yiannopoulos’s kickoff question-and-answer session with a CR member about his recent controversies and political statements, a once-homeless student and youth activist named Edward Ward marched up the aisle blowing a whistle. Ten to 15 protesters headed for the stage to join Ward.

After seeing that administrators weren’t doing anything, some pro-Yiannopoulos attendees went on stage to argue with the protesters.

During the argument, Yiannopoulos called a black Republican student, Kati Danforth, up to the stage. That didn’t help the situation: When Danforth tried to reason with the protesters, they shouted her down.

Following minutes of arguing between the two groups, CRs President Nicole Been announced that anyone on stage would be removed upon the arrival of Chicago police, whom campus security had called for help.

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