BREAKING: Sanders Makes Huge Announcement, May Have Just Handed Race to Trump

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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders may have just handed the presidential election to billionaire businessman Donald Trump.

In a town hall with MSNBC, Sanders announced that he would not tell his supporters to vote for Hillary, saying it was her job to woo his supporters.

“We’re not a movement where I can snap my fingers and say to you or to anybody else what you should do, that you should all listen to me. You shouldn’t. You make these decisions yourself,” Sanders said when asked if he would support Clinton.

“And if Secretary Clinton wins, it is incumbent upon her to tell millions of people who right now do not believe in establishment politics or establishment economics, who have serious misgivings about a candidate who has received millions of dollars from Wall Street and other special interests,” he added. “She has got to go out to you.”

In an earlier MSNBC town hall, Clinton chastised Sanders in advance, saying she didn’t put down such conditions after her loss in 2008.

“We got to the end in June and I did not put down conditions. I didn’t say, ‘You know what, if Sen. Obama does W, Y, and Z maybe I’ll support him.’ I said I am supporting Sen. Obama,” Clinton recounted. “I hope that we will see the same this year.”

It’s worth pointing out that, like most of the things that escape Hillary’s mouth, that’s generally regarded as false. Negotiations about how to end the stalemate between Obama and Clinton forces took place during the run-up to the convention in 2008, with rumors that Obama’s campaign promised to pay off her campaign debts and to not pick a female vice presidential candidate in return for the support of the Clintons.

Sanders has been the only news in a Democrat primary campaign about as exciting as lukewarm gruel. Apparently, a probable felon and a few other guys even seasoned politicos couldn’t pick out of a police lineup couldn’t get voters interested. Who could have ever guessed?

If Sanders chooses to walk away and not lend his support to Clinton, there goes his base and there goes the election. Even Clinton’s supporters admit she’s not that exciting and is getting the nomination mostly because it’s her turn.

Therefore, if Trump is the nominee — something that’s looking more and more likely after the thumping he delivered Tuesday night in the so-called “Acela states” — his path to the White House is looking more and more assured. Thanks, Bernie!

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