BREAKING: Man drives truck onto National Mall, warns of ‘dangerous substance’ inside


NBC Washington

A man drove a pickup truck onto the National Mall Tuesday afternoon because he believed he had been exposed to anthrax and wanted to warn people, according to the U.S. Park Police Department.


Sgt. Anna Rose, with the park police, said the man told authorities he saw a farmer spreading the substance on a field. He brought some of the substance with him onto the National Mall near 3rd Street, Northwest, between Madison and Jefferson streets around 3 p.m.

Once on the grounds, the man called U.S. Capitol police, Rose said. He was detained by officers shortly after the phone calls, but his white pickup truck remains on the Mall.

A robot was deployed to inspect the truck. Rose said the area around 3rd Street is blocked to vehicles and pedestrians.

U.S. Park police, U.S. Capitol police and the D.C. fire hazmat crew are on the scene.


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