BREAKING: Ex-Obama Intel Head Defects, Reveals Sick Obama Plan for America

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A former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency struck back this Wednesday against what he believed to be an inordinately misguided plan by President Barack Obama to force America to bask in “multicultural appeasement.”

The retired director, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, made the case that Obama’s purposeful appeasement of Muslims was placing America at great risk, though he also noted that this appeasement was a problem in Europe as well.

“(C)ountries are going to have to get off this dime of this multiculturalism appeasement that we are seeing, particularly in Europe, and frankly, we apologize too often in this country for going after a political ideology that is hiding and masking itself behind a religion,” he told Fox News host Brian Kilmeade.

“What we actually have to do, Brian, is we have to take action,” he added.

The problem is that Obama’s appeasement prevents America from pursuing the type of action that would actually strengthen its national security and better protect its citizens.

For example, according to former Department of Homeland Security agent Philip Haney, Obama has repeatedly interfered with intelligence gathering by ordering agents to delete or modify the records of Muslims whom the agents believed were a threat.

Apparently, the president is more concerned with not appearing to be “Islamophobic” than he is with preventing terror attacks, and this either callous or naive indifference was on full display this week after the terror attack in Brussels.

“I mean, we are watching an Islamic State that is unfolding their campaign plan in front of our eyes, and we’re — we see the president doing waves down at a baseball stadium in Havana,” Flynn continued. “I mean, it’s — come on, let’s get real with what we’re facing, and we need to do far more about it than what we’re seeing.”

But doing more means being honest about the threat America faces both at home and abroad, and the last thing our multicultural appeaser in chief wants to do right now is be honest — and so it rests on defectors like Flynn and Haney to do it instead.

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