'Body Parts,' Debris and Possible Oil Slick Found in Mediterranean as First Evidence Emerges in EgyptAir Crash


A piece of luggage, human remains, wreckage and what could be a tell-tale oil slick were found early Friday in the Mediterranean Sea where an EgyptAir passenger plane went down a day earlier, according to officials.

The first physical clues to the crash of Flight 804, which carried 66 passengers, crew and security officers, surfaced about 190 miles off the coast of Alexandria. Reports of debris being found on Thursday proved false, but the verified debris field could bring authorities closer to the all-important flight data recorder, which could provide insight into what caused the crash.

"A short while ago we were briefed by the Egyptian authorities... on the discovery of a body part, a seat and baggage just south of where the aircraft signal was lost," Defense Minister Panos Kammenos told reporters in Athens, according to Reuters.

The Cairo-bound flight had left Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris late Wednesday night, and disappeared from radar as it neared its destination. Authorities have said terrorism is more likely than technical failure, but the investigation is still in the early stages.

A flotilla of international ships and boats searching a wide swath of the sea Thursday and during the night for debris from the ill-fated Airbus 320. The mile-long oil slick was identified from satellite images from the European Space Agency, which cautioned that there was no guarantee the slick was from the missing aircraft. The agency said the slick was about 25 miles southeast of the plane's last known location, and passed the information to relevant authorities late Thursday.

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