Black Students Demand Cornell Faculty Attend 'Ongoing' Diversity Training

Trey Sanchez, Truth Revolt

Progressives continue to run the American campus asylum, forcing their brand of diversity on both the willing and the unwilling. TruthRevolt already reported on UMass Amherst requiring new students to become social justice warriors. Now, the group Black Students United has set its sights on Cornell University faculty members to force them into diversity indoctrination classes.

According to The Cornell Daily Sun, the BSU is demanding all faculty members be educated in "ongoing" diversity classes. The demands began last semester but are being presented before the student assembly on Thursday.

Here are the demands:

We want all employees of the university, academic and otherwise — including tenured professors — to have appropriate, ongoing training that deals with issues of identity, such as race, class, religion, ability status, sexual and romantic orientation, gender and citizenship status. We want this coursework to be explicitly focused on systems of power and privilege in the United States and centering the voices of oppressed people.

BSU notes that there is already "compelling programming" on diversity in place at Cornell for faculty members to learn from, but the problem, according to the group, is that it's not mandatory.

“The faculty that self select into those programs probably aren’t the ones that need to be educated about the topic,” a BSU chairman said. “We have extremely dedicated faculty and hopefully the resolution can push them to be even more effective inside and out of the classroom.”

BSU claims that too many "microaggressions" still exist among faculty and must be eradicated:

“Ideally, the training will have the dual role of serving to make the environment more inclusive for students as well as other faculty members by offering training on microaggressions, systems of oppression and issues around gender, socioeconomic status, race, religion and disability status."

It's a good thing these classes will be ongoing because at this rate social justice warrior demands will never cease.

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