Banned in Germany, BLOCKED by YouTube: SEE the satirical video the Turkish president hates!

Victor Laszlo | The Rebel Media

YouTube banned this video, The German/European broadcaster ZDF redacted it from their popular show, and we have the video right here. 

Above is the original video which prompted Erdogan to call the German ambassador to Turkey in to request it be pulled. 

The Germans, to their credit, refused. Instead, the same video mocking Erdogan was rebroadcast but with Turkish subtitles shortly after the Turkish demand to pull the original German version.

On March 31st, the German ZDF show, Jan Böhmermann’s “Neo Magazine Royale" published a poem mocking Erdogan in a less family friendly way, but presenting it as an example of what would constitute going to far in terms of political satire within the terms of freedom of speech.

Here is the complete segment that was deleted, with English subtitles:

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