AWKWARD: Obama Invites Rapper To White House… Soon After, They Heard a Loud Beeping Sound

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President Barack Obama, a man whom liberals consider to be so wise, celebrated his My Brother’s Keeper initiative to keep black youths out of jail by inviting a gangster rapper to the White House Friday because, you know, that makes so much sense.

And as Obama finished delivering a speech about the initiative, the gangster rapper’s house-arrest ankle bracelet reportedly began beeping like a garbage truck in reverse.

According to The Daily Caller, the gangster rapper in question, Rick Ross, who named himself after a former drug kingpin, has been wearing an ankle bracelet “since he was released from jail after posting a $2 million bond in July 2015” for having kidnapped and beaten up his groundskeeper.

Sounds exactly like someone who should be hanging around the Oval Office.

Moreover, even the original drug kingpin Rick Ross himself dislikes rapper Rick Ross. Why? Because he believes that the gangster trash spewed by Ross and those like him primes young children for a a life of crime and incarceration.

Watch as he tries to instill some wisdom in Ross via the following video, where he lambastes the glorified rapper for shamelessly promoting thug culture:

Yet Barack Obama, in his immense wisdom, invited this same deviant to the the White House to help keep black kids out of prison. Genius.

The sickening and tragic irony of what Obama did ought to inspire epic migraines in the heads of all Americans, because if nothing else, it showed just how maddeningly ignorant he is.

It also demonstrated why the black community will never in a million years prosper under either President Barack Obama or any other Democrat “leader,” because obviously, the Democrats are too intellectually incompetent and perhaps even mentally handicapped to figure out that gangster rappers are not and should not be role models.

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