American Lawyer Faces Prison: Targeted by Obama’s DoJ for Aiding Christians in Iraq and Syria


Pamela Geller | DC Clothsline

Obama has transformed the Department of Justice in the Department of Sharia.

The Obama administration is prosecuting an Assyrian Christian American lawyer for helping Christians escape Muslim persecution in Iraq and Syria.

The federal government provides asylum to immigrants who can demonstrate that they were targeted — or have a legitimate fear of being targeted — in their homeland for religious, racial, political or ethnic reasons. Prosecutors claim DeKelaita, who employed a translator who also was charged, “coached” clients and encouraged them to lie to the asylum officers who decided their fate.

Anyone with half a brain and half a heart knows that Christians in Muslim lands are living under the boot of Islamic tyranny, especially in Iraq and Syria, where pure Islam is enforced. The Obama administration knows this, but they support the Muslims against religious minorities.

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