Alleged Ted Cruz Mistress Promptly Deletes Her Cruz Twitter History…

Alleged Ted Cruz Mistress Promptly Deletes Her Cruz Twitter History…

DC Whispers

While it is not undeniable evidence that something more than a professional relationship took place between Amanda Carpenter and her former boss, Senator Ted Cruz, the prompt cleaning up of her social media account did not go unnoticed by some and is now leading to yet further speculation as to the potential validity regarding allegations of  somewhat recent sexual relations between Mr. Cruz and women outside of his marriage. 

This now-deleted tweet is perhaps the most interesting of the bunch:

Bill Mitchell, who is should be noted, is a strong supporter of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, was among those who noted Ms. Carpenter’s deletions of Cruz-related messages:

“Dear Amanda, When you’re accused of having an affair with a married man, don’t delete all of your puppy love tweets for him the next day.”

Whether the now missing tweets were “puppy love” or merely an employee’s admiration for her employer will for now, be left for others to decide for themselves.

It does give the appearance of yet more smoke, though if that should then lead to an actual confirmation of a scandal fire, remains to be seen.

Mr. Cruz has called the accusations of an affair(s) “garbage” and to date, no woman has come forward to collaborate the claims made most notably in the National Enquirer story last week.

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