ALERT -- Obama’s Education System Caught in Sick Conspiracy Against Christian Students

Conservative Tribune

There’s little doubt that the public education system has been in a decline over the past decades. One need only to look at the absurdity of the Common Core curriculum to realize just how bad things have become. However, there’s a deeper, more serious conspiracy going on in public schools and it has to do with an attempt to slowly eradicate Christianty.

Alex Newman, co-author of the book “Crimes of the Educators,” told WND in an exclusive interview that government schools are systematically destroying children’s belief not only in biblical religion, but also in Christianity.

Newman pointed out that while many people would like to believe that schools are unbiased in their teachings, they’re not. This can be traced back to John Dewey who, in “The Humanist Manifesto,” wrote: “Religious humanists regard the universe as self-existing and not created.”

Those ideas trickled down into the public education system, Newman claimed.

“The Humanist Manifesto” has become something of a “template and religious humanism is being taught in the schools,” the journalist and educator said.

He added that many people mistakenly believe humanism isn’t a religion. However, it is very much a religion and the courts have even declared it so.

“It has articles of faith. It is based on faith; there’s no actual evidence to support these ridiculous notions that there is no God or that we need to surrender private property or that we came from monkeys,” Newman said.

Couple this with the fact that many foreign religious beliefs are being taught in public schools and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Children can be taught all about Islamic and Buddhist beliefs. But at any mention of Christianity or the Bible, all hell breaks loose.

It’s a dangerous situation and Newman nailed it when he said what’s happening is a war on Christianity.

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