ALERT: Jury Awards $55 Million After Product We’ve All Used Linked to Cancer

Conservative Tribune

Johnson & Johnson is reeling under a string of new talcum powder related lawsuits — twice in the past three months, they have lost tens of millions over claims that the product is linked to cancer.

The link to ovarian cancer and talc is not definite — as a point of fact, it’s highly debated within the scientific community. Despite the doubts, a jury just awarded a cancer survivor $55 million from the company.

Another jury gave the family of someone who passed an astonishing $72 million.

And there could be more to come — there are currently several hundred outstanding lawsuits that claim when Baby Powder and/or Shower to Shower are applied to the genital area, it can cause cancer.

The Onder Law Firm took both cases and urged other alleged victims to step up, though some expressed concern that this was an “ambulance-chaser” scheme gone wildly out of control.

Onder, of course, disagreed. The firm claimed that researchers connected cancer to talc in the 1970s.

The company of course maintained that no definitive link existed.

“Unfortunately, the jury’s decision goes against 30 years of studies by medical experts around the world that continue to support the safety of cosmetic talc,” said Johnson & Johnson spokeswoman Carol Goodrich.

However, it’s what the forewoman of the most recent case said that may shed the most balanced light. She said, quite frankly, that the scientific evidence by the law firm was just more believable.

“I will never use talc again. It’s definitely concerning to me. I think it’s a potential health hazard for some women — a small percentage, but it is a percentage,” she told Associated Press.


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