ALERT: Bar Owners BEG Government To Stop Muslims From Doing THIS

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One of the main problems arising from the mass influx of Muslim migrants and refugees into Europe is the manner in which some have upended the lives of the native Europeans by imposing their own values and way of life on them instead of assimilating into the culture that has accepted them.

This is no more evident than the areas throughout multiple European cities that have become predominately Muslim, so much so that some Muslims have begun enforcing Islamic Shariah law in those zones.

According to the International Business Times, this has been occurring in a particular neighborhood of Copenhagen, Denmark, known as Nørrebro, in which local bar owners have increasingly been complaining about being harassed by angry Muslim youths attempting to impose Shariah on them.

The bar owners have described bands of young Muslims traveling about the area, demanding extortion payments from the bar owners, breaking windows and otherwise vandalizing their place of business, as well as threatening physical harm and frightening away paying customers.

“Recently some young men came into the bar and shouted that all guests should leave,” said Heidi Dyrnesli of Cafe Heimdal, adding, “They shouted that the site belongs to them and that Nørrebro is a Shariah zone, so there is no drinking alcohol.”

The bar owners stated that they had made repeated complaints to the police, but that they’ve done literally nothing about it other than attempt to downplay the threat and danger.

Their cries for help did catch the ear of a high-ranking politician though, as Minister of Integration Inger Stoejberg recently paid a visit to the troubled neighborhood, where she herself was harassed by angry youths who accused her of being anti-immigrant and exaggerating the problem.

Stoejberg called on the community to step up and address the issue: “There is a group of young people here who do not behave properly, and we have powerless tavern owners. If you are resourceful, I think you should help with that and can help solve the problem so people in Nørrebro can live a normal life.”

Hopefully the local community and police can take on the roaming gangs of devout Muslim immigrant youth imposing their Shariah laws and Islamic culture on native Danes who want no part of it.

If they can’t do something about, then the national government, which is shifting toward the right and against a continuation of their open borders policies, will do something about it that will likely leave everyone dissatisfied.

H/T The Daily Caller

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