A Guy Who Killed a Man in Self-Defense Let the Internet Ask Him Anything. Here’s How It Went.

Hunter Roosevelt | Controversial Times

A guy who shot and killed an intruder who broke into his home decided to let the internet ask him anything in an official Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) and other users were quick to jump in.

Redditor MalcomMo posted the AMA and gave a brief summary of the incident:

I heard footsteps down stairs, went into my mom’s room, woke her up and got her gun out of the safe. I went downstairs which was pitch black with the gun, A person came running out of our living room straight towards me with something in their hand, I shot him 3 times in the chest and once in the neck. He ended up not having a weapon in his hand, It was my brothers e-cig but he did have a pistol on his waist band. We called the police and it was ruled self defense. That’s the story on how I took another man’s life, ask me anything.
– Malcolm

As you can imagine, the questions quickly came pouring in, with plenty of people keen to know just what it’s like to kill another man.

What was the reaction from your friends, families and community? Has it had any affects on you long term mentally?

My family understood completely and were proud of me for protecting them. My friends and I weren’t so close anymore, At the time I was still in high school, I used to sit with them everyday at lunch and after this occurred they stopped. I got in a argument with one of my friends and they called me a murderer, So I’ve made all new friends since then and they get it. A lot of people tip toe around me which is something they never did prior to that night.

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