Here’s Every Single Thing Facebook Tracks About You… and It’s CREEPY

Here’s Every Single Thing Facebook Tracks About You… and It’s CREEPY

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You can tell a lot about a person simply by perusing their social media posts, particularly their Facebook page.

Perhaps less often thought of is how much Facebook can tell about you, not just from what you post on your page, but from virtually everything else you do online as well.

According to the U.K. Metro, it was recently revealed that Facebook collects reams of data about its users, from what you view and interact with on its site, to other apps you use, even to other websites you may visit completely outside of Facebook.

All of this data is tracked and compiled into a sort of user profile consisting of upwards of 98 different “data points” that allows the site to learn about you and better target you with advertisements you may be interested in.

Virtually all of this is done without you being any the wiser about it, and if that sounds just a tad bit scary, that’s because it is.

Some of the things Facebook has already learned about you seem fairly obvious, such as your location, age, gender, language and ethnicity.

Others are less obvious, but still understandable, such as your relationships with friends and family, your job and income, or your particular political leanings.

Some of the data points are downright alarming, however, including credit information, items you buy using a debit or credit card, or the types of medication you might be on.

While some of this information does seem useful for Facebook to make your user experience more pleasurable and fulfilling, it also seems a bit Big Brother-ish.

Here is the entire list of 98 “data points” Facebook collects about you. Now, enjoy the rest of your time online, and remember, Facebook is watching you!

1.  Your location

2. Age

3. Generation

4. Gender

5. Language

6. Education level

7. Field of study

8. School

9. Ethnic background

10. Income and net worth

11. Home ownership and type of home

12. Value of home

13. Size of your property

14. Square footage of home

15. The year your home was built

16. Who lives in your house

17. Whether you have an anniversary approaching in the next month

18. If you’re living away from family or hometown

19. Whether you’re friends with someone who has an anniversary, is newly married or engaged, recently moved, or has an upcoming birthday

20. If you’re in a long-distance relationship

21. If you’re in a new relationship

22. If you have have a new job

23. If you’re recently engaged

24. If you’ve just got  married

25. If you’ve moved house recently

26. When your birthday is coming up

27. Parents

28. Expectant parents

29. Mothers, divided by ‘type’ (which includes ‘soccer mums’ or other maternal tribes)

30. If you are likely to engage in politics

31. Whether you are conservative or liberal

32. Relationship status

33. Employer

34. Industry

35. Job title

36. Office type

37. Interests

38. Whether you own a motorcycle

39. If you’re planning to buy a car

40. If you have purchased auto parts or accessories recently

41. If you are likely to buy auto parts or services

42. The style and brand of your car

43. The year your car was bought

44. Age of car

45. How much money you’re  likely to spend on next car

46. Where you are  likely to buy next car from

47. How many employees your company has

48. If you own small businesses

49. If you work in management or are executives

50. If you have donated to charity (divided by type)

51. Operating system

52. If you play browser games

53. If you own a gaming console

54. If you have created a Facebook event

55. If you have used Facebook Payments

56. If you have spent more than average on Facebook Payments

57. If you administer a Facebook page

58. If you have recently uploaded photos to Facebook

59. Internet browser

60. Email service

61. Early/late adopters of technology

62. If you are an expat and what country you left

63. If you belong to a credit union, national bank or regional bank

64. If you are an investor

65. Number of credit lines

66. If you are an active credit card users

67. Credit card type

68. If you own a debit card

69. If you carry a balance on your credit card

70. If you listen to the radio

71. What TV shows you like

72. If you use a mobile device and what brand it is

73. Internet connection type

74. If you have  recently bought a smartphone or tablet

75. Whether you access the Internet through a smartphone or tablet

76. If you use coupons

77. The type of clothing your household buys

78. Which time of year you do the most shopping

79. Whether you are a ‘heavy’ buyer of beer, wine or spirits

80. What groceries you buy

81. Whether you buy beauty products

82. Whether you buy medications

83. Whether you buy/spend money on household products

84. Whether you buy/spend money on products for kids or pets, and what kinds of pets

85. If your household makes more purchases than is average

86. If you tend to shop online or offline

87. The types of restaurants user you eat at

88. The kinds of stores you shop at

89. If you’re interest in adverts offering auto insurance, mortgages or satellite telly

90. Length of time user you have lived your house

91. If you are likely to move soon

92. If you are are interested in the Olympics, football or cricket

93. If you travel frequently

94. Whether you commute to work

95. The type of holiday you enjoy

96. If you have recently returned from a holiday

97. If you have used a travel app

98. Whether you are involved in a timeshare

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