72 Year Old Father Mistakes 14 Year Old Son For Intruder, Shoots Him Dead


Tucson News Now

A father who mistakenly shot and killed his own 14-year-old son, thinking he was an intruder, will not be charged, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters announced Wednesday.

“There is only one word for this - - tragedy.  It is impossible to imagine how horrible this father must feel for mistaking his son for an intruder.  All of the forensic evidence matches what the father told the police, and, therefore, no charges are appropriate,” Deters said, in a release.

The teen, Georta Mack, died shortly after he was taken to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in "extreme critical condition," Cincinnati Police said.

They said the son told his 72-year-old father he was going to school and walked down the street to catch a bus on Glenway Avenue. But he decided to skip class and sneaked back into the basement, where he planned to hide until his father went to work.

His dad thought he was an intruder, got up out of bed, and went downstairs, according to police.

The teen startled with his father, who had a gun in his hand and shot him in the neck, they said.

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