3 Thugs Burst Into 80-Year-Old Man’s Home… Learn Epic Truth About Grandpa


Conservative Tribune

Three dumb thugs who forced their way inside an 80-year-old man’s home learned a tough lesson when he pulled out his pistol and popped them like bottles on a fence.

West Virginia MetroNews reported that the incident occurred late Monday evening in Fairmont, when one of the thugs, 23-year-old Whitney Kabiru, knocked on the man’s door and claimed that she needed to make an emergency phone call.

The guy rightfully felt suspicious, so he concealed a pistol on himself before he opened the door. But as the woman stepped into his home, the two other thugs — Larry Shaver, 28, and John Grossklaus, 28 — followed her in with a handgun and threatened to shoot unless the man gave them what they wanted.

Rather than surrender, the man fought back — and he surely did not miss.

In fact, at least three rounds hit Shaver and Grossklaus, both of whom reportedly collapsed to the ground in a whole lot of pain.

As the two thugs struggled to live, Kabiru ran off while the 80-year-old man dialed the police. When they arrived, they found Shaver dead and Grossklaus alive but in need of immediate medical attention.

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