WTF! Yellowstone Photo Could Get You 1 Year In Prison Under New Wyoming Law... What Are They Hiding?

Yellowstone Lake at the West Thumb Geyser Basin in the Yellowsto

by Lisa Haven, BIN

Year by year dozens of tourists travel to visit the beautiful sites found at Yellowstone National Park taking hundreds of pictures of the elegant scenery that surrounds its beauty. Yellowstone has been a place of attraction for many years, however now the Wyoming governor has made it against the law to share “accumulated data regarding the condition of the environment with state or federal government agencies.” Which means if you are one of these tourists who just so happen to take a photo of the surrounding area at Yellowstone and you submit it to a National Weather Service photo contest. Then you have just committed a crime and could be facing up to 1 year in prison. 

Now why would they do that? One reason thrown out by news reports is that they want to conceal the fact that their streams are contaminated with E. coli bacteria— a statin of bacteria that can cause death. But it that the only reason…. 

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