Is there a pending divorce of the Obama’s in 2017?

by Fire Andrea Mitchell

We all know that the Obama family (just like the Clinton family) feel like they are entitled. So why did Hussein and Michelle Obama take separate jets out to Los Angeles to tape a couple of TV shows? The most obvious answer is arrogance. Being that the Obama family always feel like they are entitled, they did it in spite of the public opinion.

The other answer is the pending divorce of the Obama’s in 2017. The Obama family has tried to craft the perfect family as the media kisses up to them until they finally leave the White House. But that’s not the case. Ever notice how glum the kids looks when they are around their parents? It sure isn’t from lack of essentials.

If you read any of the news reports when they were on their Christmas vacation in Hawaii, did you ever see them together? Even at photo ops Michelle Obama was rarely seen with Hussein. If they were in such love with each other, she would be every where he was.

Of course, who could forget Michelle Obama’s angry face in South Africa at Mandela’s funeral when Hussein was kissing up to Denmark Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Obama and Schmidt may be a perfect couple as both are socialists. 

The carefully crafted family image of the Obama family has to be kept in place until the two leave office in 2017. Valerie Jarrett will never let the image errode as long as she is along for the ride with the Obama family.

You can Google all you want about the Obama impending divorce in 2017. There are all kinds of articles about how the two fight, yell at each other, and just don’t want to be seen with each other. The separate plane trips are just the latest in the Obama saga. The whole marriage and image of the two has been carefully crafted since the 1990’s. Obama knows the value of propaganda. I don’t know if even he could ever realize just how the media would become in the 21st century though.