Why is Obama bringing 100,000 Muslims a month into America?


In today’s issue: Obama vowed to “transform America” if elected, and he seems to be living up to that promise in one particularly troubling way.

Dr. Savage wants to know why the president seems intent on flooding the country with Muslim “refugees” who he says “would like to hurt us.” 

“Nobody listening to this program wants war,” Savage said to his audience.

But if a man wants to break into your house and burn your house down, you have to go to war.

Right now, the country is flooded with Muslims who would like to hurt us.

And if you don’t like hearing me say that, send my notes to the FBI.

I am so tired of the cover-up.

The FBI director himself a month ago said there were sleeper terror cells in 49 states, every one except Alaska.

How did they get here? 

Through Obama’s refugee and asylum programs.

Why is he bringing 100,000 Muslims a month into America?

Islam is opposed to Christianity at its core.

And where is the Republican Party in all this? 

Why were they put in power?

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