Why do Democrats hate veterans?

by Gina Loudon, WND

There is this funny little thing about stereotypes: Nine times out of 10, they are true.

This week, I attended an event to salute our veterans. I took a quick glance around the room and wondered how many Democrats would ever attend an event like that one. We all know the answer.

Stereotypically, we expect Democrats to dislike our military members and our military’s efforts around the world. When you hear stories of people spitting in the faces of servicemen returning home from war, you know what party they supported in the election. When you hear about VA employees giving poor care to veterans, you know they are card-carrying Democrats.

The converse is also true. I remember walking door-to-door each time my husband ran for re-election and when I ran for office. I knew that if I saw an American flag on the front of someone’s home as I knocked on their door, they would be a friendly, military-loving Republican.

Again, stereotypes aren’t true 100 percent of the time, but when you see someone thanking a veteran for their service, you know with near certainty they did not vote for Obama.

This weekend, the California Federation of Republican Women held its central division convention. The theme was “Women on the Front Line.”

They thanked these veterans by bringing them to the event by limousine and having them escorted onto the red carpet to make their way into the dinner held in an airport hangar just outside Fresno, California. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as these World War II veterans, mostly women, basked in their moment, rubbing elbows with Hollywood stars like Morgan Brittany of “Dallas” fame and political stars like PolitiChick’s Ann-Marie Murrell.

How did it come to this point in American history where one party hates veterans and the other loves them?

When I joined a Hollywood social club that allows closeted conservatives in the entertainment industry to have a place to network and speak openly about their political views, I met a well-known Hollywood actress who is totally undercover as a liberal. She does all the right things – attends the AIDS benefits, helps the homeless, campaigns for women’s rights – the works. But she woke up when she decided to take her 6-year-old son to a Veteran’s Day parade. The next day, she walked onto the set of the high-profile movie she had just landed, and she was shunned. First, the usually friendly make-up people in her trailer were unusually quiet. Then she walked out of the trailer to grab a water, and the other actors didn’t talk to her. Finally, the director let her know that a picture was published in a tabloid of her waiving an American flag at a Veteran’s Day parade, and many were “offended.” She lost the role. She hasn’t worked in Hollywood since. That’s how the statists roll.

How could someone, no matter how much they dislike the politics and policies of their country, hate the ones who stood to defend it? Most veterans would say they would die to defend any person in their beloved country, no matter their political persuasion. How could that selfless service be returned with hatred, or even dismissal?

There is a psychological component at play that can be used to help shine the light of truth on all of this confusion. Once someone has made a decision that goes against their better moral judgment, they remain in conflict. So to justify that action, they more vehemently defend that position.

One example is feminism. I have written a lot on this matter. You might not believe that the psychological components of feminism and veteran hating are the same, but they are. Many on the right will chalk such mindsets up to sheer ignorance, or even stupidity. That would be a mistake because if we don’t understand the psychological processes that lead to destructive beliefs, we can’t change them.

Many women in this country defend abortion (the killing of unborn babies), not because they believe it is a virtue, but because they have done it (killed their unborn child or children). Human behavior dictates that that which we have done under moral conflict, we are likely to 1) repeat and 2) defend more ferociously. Understanding that psychological paradigm will help you understand why Democrats campaign endlessly on the failed “free birth control for all” and “abortion on demand” mantras. Simple math tells us that as more women have abortions, not only will more women vote for those who “understand” them and thereby justify or validate their “choice,” but also more women will ferociously defend abortion because they have to. They are trying to make themselves feel OK about their abortion, because they are still conflicted.

The same is true for the treatment of our veterans.

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