White House: Obama Not “Tiptoeing” Around Radical Islam… He’s A Terrorist Killing Badass…

Via The Hill:

The White House on Friday pushed back on critics who say this week’s summit on violent extremism failed to acknowledge the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Republicans and some Democrats have hammered the administration for not specifically referring to radical Islam at the summit, with Obama instead discussing extremism in a broader sense in order to not offend Muslim allies of the United States.

The goal of this summit was not to tiptoe around this issue but to address it head on, and that’s why we had leaders of law enforcement, we had leaders of the Muslim community,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said.

Earnest shot down the idea that the president looks weak on national security because he refuses to label the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria a war against Islamic extremism.

“I don’t think the countless terrorists that have been wiped off the battlefield as result of military action that this president has ordered feel the president is particularly fearful,” he said.

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