What a Teacher Reportedly Said About Obama and Those Who Voted For Him Has Led to Her Removal from the Classroom


A Georgia middle school teacher has reportedly been removed from the classroom and forced into retirement after parents complained about controversial classroom comments she purportedly made about President Barack Obama back in February.

Nancy Perry will leave her educational role at Dublin Middle School in Dublin, Georgia, at the end of the school year after parents alleged that she told students that Obama is a Muslim and that anyone who voted for him couldn’t be considered Christian, the Daily Mail reported.

Problems for Perry began when a 12-year-old student went home and told his parents about the teacher’s purported remarks.

“If your parents voted for Obama, they’re evil and I don’t see how your parents could vote for someone that’s Muslim,” parent Jimmie Scott told WMAZ-TV, recapping what his child claims Perry said.

The boy also said that Perry asked students to prove their Christianity, though she denied in an interview with a local TV station that she made the contentious comments, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Scott said that he immediately requested a parent-teacher conference, but that Perry, who had her husband Bill Perry — a school board member — also attend the meeting, began showing him negative information about Obama. He claims she presented a number of pages from a website that espoused her religious and political views, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. 

“She showed it to me and said, ‘See, Obama is a baby killer. He aborts babies at nine months old as they’re coming through the birth canal,’” Scott told WMAZ-TV.

Perry’s planned retirement and resignation were announced on Monday, with Dublin City Schools Superintendent Chuck Ledbetter apologizing over the accusations waged against the educator.

“It is not the place of teachers to attempt to persuade students about religious or political beliefs,” he said. ”In doing so, the teacher was wrong and that has been communicated to her… just as importantly, we are communicating this message to all staff of the school district.”

Members of the NAACP had been petitioning for Nancy Perry to be removed from the classroom and have expressed disappointment over the district’s decision not to punish Bill Perry.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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