Watch: This Explosive Three-Minute Video Could Be The Final Nail In Hillary’s Coffin

Watch: This Explosive Three-Minute Video Could Be The Final Nail In Hillary’s Coffin

by B. Christopher Agee, WESTERN JOURNALISM

With former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina’s addition to the GOP field of 2016 presidential candidates, many saw her as an ideal campaign foil for Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Such projections have yet to be confirmed, though a campaign ad her team released this week takes aim directly at Clinton’s lack of recognizable achievements.

The three-minute video features clips from several previous Fiorina speeches interspersed with news reports backing up her general message. Specifically, she challenged Clinton’s citation of her extensive travels as a relevant accomplishment.

“Like Mrs. Clinton,” Fiorina said, “I too have traveled the globe. But unlike her, I’ve actually accomplished something. Flying is not an accomplishment; it’s an activity.”

The ad then tackled a few of Clinton’s flubs during her stint as secretary of state – including her controversial presentation of a ‘reset button’ to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I have met Vladimir Putin,” Fiorina added, “and I know that it takes far more than a gimmicky red reset button to halt his ambition.”

The video ends with a recap of the many scandals that have already plagued her fledgling candidacy.

“She tweets about women’s rights in this country,” Fiorina concluded, “and takes money from governments that deny women the most basic human rights.”

Judging from reader reaction to a story by The Right Scoop, many Americans approve of Fiorina’s early attack on Clinton.

“Wow,” one commenter said. “Very nicely done. They crammed in every smackdown they could fit.”

Support for the ad’s message, however, does not necessarily translate to an endorsement of Fiorina’s campaign.

“She hasn’t a chance of winning the nomination,” one reader wrote, “but her aggressive takedowns of Hillary will bode well once the debates and broader audience awareness kick in.”

Is Hillary Clinton qualified to be America’s next president? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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