VIDEO: Bill O’Reilly Goes NUCLEAR On Black Lives Matter Guest Who Wouldn’t Shut Up…

VIDEO: Bill O’Reilly Goes NUCLEAR On Black Lives Matter Guest Who Wouldn’t Shut Up…


Bill O’Reilly is known for telling it like it is and not being afraid to duke it out with someone on live television. Most recently, he clashed with Keith Boykin, a Black Lives Matter movement supporter.

O’Reilly was interviewing Boykin about a letter from the Democratic National Committee proposing a Town-Hall style debate for the Democrat presidential candidates organized by the Black Lives Matter movement.

“We believe that your organization would be an ideal host for a presidential candidate forum – where all the Democratic candidates can showcase their ideas and policy positions that will expand opportunity for all, strengthen the middle class and address racism in America,” read the letter.

O’Reilly asked Boykin what he thought about the letter, and Boykin launched into the usual soundbites about how this is a good thing for Democrats and how important the Black Lives Matter movement is.

O’Reilly then question Boykin about Democrats teaming up with such a radical group, and the interview dissolved into O’Reilly and Boykin talking at the same time, each trying to get their point across.

“You’re either going to stop talking or I’m going to cut your mic off,” said O’Reilly, at which point Boykin stopped talking.

“Did anybody in the Black Lives Matter movement repudiate ‘We want dead cops,'” asked O’Reilly, referencing a video from earlier this year showing protestors in NYC calling for dead police officers.

Boykin blinked cluelessly at the camera for several seconds, looking dumbfounded, before O’Reilly said “Thank you,” and attempted to move on.

Boykin then got very flustered and started shouting into the microphone, at which point O’Reilly followed through with his threat and cut him off. Boykin’s microphone remained off for the majority of the remaining time while O’Reilly interviewed David Goodfriend.

That didn’t stop Boykin from gesticulating wildly at the camera throughout the segment.

You can watch the full interview here:

It’s about time someone shut these people up, because the Black Lives Matter movement has done little but inspire violence against police officers.

While the leaders of the organization may not directly call for violence — at least not publicly — they never condemn the actions of the people who demand or actually commit violence in the name of racial equality.

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