U.S. boots '4th of July' to appease Muslims

by Cheryl Chumley, WND

The U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia, Robert Blake, said American workers celebrated the Fourth of July a month early – on June 4, actually – in order to show respect for the mostly Muslim nation and the month of Ramadan.

The Jakarta Post reported the development, saying Blake and U.S. Ambassador to ASEAN Nina Hachigian oversaw the June 4 celebrations, which included a brass band performance of the Star-Spangled Banner and the Indonesia Raya, the Indonesian national anthem.

Blake also said embassy officials tried to incorporate a go-green environmental message in order to promote America’s sustainable development message in an overseas setting.


“The U.S. will continue to support Indonesia in the future through its democratic achievements,” Blake said. “Democracy is an American value which we have championed since [the country's birth in] 1776.”

He then specified the embassy moved its July 4 celebrations to June 4 in order to show respect for the Ramadan month, June 17 to July 17.

American Thinker called the embassy’s actions and Blake’s stated justifications “a moment of national dhimmitude and deep shame. I hope someone will ask [State Department spokesperson] Marie Harf to explain if any Muslim countries plan on moving their embassy’s Ramadan celebrations to accommodate our Independence Day.”

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