Update JADE HELM: WTF Are Turkish Missile Launchers Doing Stashed in the Texas Woods

by Ashley Jones

Update: United States Marine Pete Santilli, who worked in Avaiation Deployment has idendified,and confirmed that those military vehicles that were stashed in the Texas woods are Turkish M270 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems

Well it seems that when it comes to the upcoming military psyop known as Jade Helm, things keep getting weirder, and weirder. In this latest update concerning Jade Helm, A Texas man was driving on highway 57 just west of RT 59 when he came across an amazing, and absolutely disturbing discovery, that is of course if you are one of those crazy conspiracy theorists that believes the Federal Government doesn’t have our best interest in mind. 

Even if you are still one of those that reside in the camp of trusting your Govt, after seeing what this man has brought to our attention, you may change your tune.

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