Undeniable Proof: Obama Hates Christians



Obama has been showing his true colors from the beginning. There is more than enough proof here in these two videos, showing Obama for what he really is, and how he hates Christians. Obama is a Muslim and stands with them no matter what, as Christians in the Middle East are being exterminated, Obama turns his cheek and looks the other way.

According to Fox News

Robert Jeffress, the pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas and the author of the upcoming book, “Countdown to the Apocalypse: Why ISIS and Ebola Are Only the Beginning,” said there are two problems with Obama’s comparison.

“When Christians act violently they are acting in opposition to the teachings of their founder, Jesus Christ,” Jeffress told me. “They cannot cite a single verse in the New Testament that calls for violence against unbelievers. On the other hand, radical Islamists can point to a number of verses in the Koran calling for Muslims to ‘crucify the infidels.’”

On Wednesday a United Nations watchdog group reported that Islamic militants were crucifying Iraqi children and burying them alive. Others had been sold as sex slaves and boys as young as 18 had been used as suicide bombers, Reuters reported.

“They are following the example of their founder Muhammad who slaughtered and beheaded those who opposed him,” Jeffress said.

OK. Let’s stop beating around the bush and giving Obama the benefit of the doubt on this one. Put plainly: Barack Obama hates Christians.

It illustrate this point one need look no further than to read the book written by Obama titled The Audacity of Hope. On page 261 he wrote, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction. 

And when things got ugly, Barack kept his promise. He stood with Muslims and helped them persecute and murder Christians.

But the irony is that it was Muslims that got ugly with Christians. It clearly wasn’t Christians getting ugly with Muslims. In one single day Muslims in Iraq drove about 200,000 Christians from their homes, and murdering many who didn’t make it out of Iraq quickly enough. 

But wait it gets worse. Obama wasn’t happy just seeing the Assyrian Christians in Iraq mercilessly murdered and driven out of their ancestral homeland where their families lived thousands of years. Obama took things a step further and had a secret meeting on February 4, 2015 in the White House for the purpose of demonizing Christians worldwide so the focus would no longer be Muslims murdering innocent Christians. By making Christians look guilty, perhaps the world wouldn’t care. And the impact of that meeting was unimaginable. Obama and the Muslims he met with emerged from that meeting with a vengeance, slandering and defaming Christians right and left.

Christians were deemed terrorists. The Obama machine began started a propaganda drive lying about the Lord’s Resistance Army, a group with Muslims ties that is led by the infamous warlord Joseph Kony, a tyrant who mixes witchcraft, Islam and aspect of other religions–including voodoo. Yet the Obama slander machine has the unmitigated gall to call Kony and his warriors Christians! Magazines including The Beast in an article by dean Obeidalla, began calling that group Christian terrorists. Oh, by the way, Obeidalla was one of 14 Muslim leaders who met with Obama on Feb. 4. 

In an absurd and insane stretch that would make DC Superhero Elasti-Girl look stiff, Obeidallh claimed Christians were “ethnically cleansing tens of thousands” of Muslims in the Central African Republic. He neglected to mention that it was in self defense since the Muslims overthrew the Christian government and went on a mass extermination campaign against non-Muslims. And of course, the U.S. state Department chimed in to the chorus of candy-coated lies. 

The bible warned about persecution for righteousness sake. Indeed. And today’s chief persecutor of Christians has a name. It is Barack Hussein Obama.

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