Trump Sets Sights on Bill Clinton — And His Henchwomen

Trump Sets Sights on Bill Clinton — And His Henchwomen

By Diana West for Breitbart

In the summer of 2013, Democratic National Committee chief Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz called for the resignation of Democratic San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, previously a U.S. representative, after former supporters of the mayor went public with accusations of sexual harassment.

Wasserman Schultz (emphasis added):

The misconduct Mayor Bob Filner has been accused of is reprehensible and indefensible. I am personally offended by his actions, and I firmly believe no employee should face a hostile environment or harassmentat their place of employment. There is no place for this type of conduct in the workplace and certainly not in our city halls and public offices.

For the good of the City of San Diego, I call on Mayor Filner to resign.

He did.

Fast foward to this past Sunday’s “Meet the Press” where Andrea Mitchell asked Wasserman-Schultz:

But if he — Donald Trump is going to raise this issue, as he is warning, of Bill Clinton’s past and sexism, does that give you any pause as Democratic chair?”

Oh, that’s different. Wasserman Schultz replied (emphasis added):

I think that Donald Trump, or any candidate on the other side of the aisle, would raise Bill Clinton as somehow a negative to their peril.

I think every poll I’ve ever seen shows that if President Clinton were a candidate tomorrow he’d be reelected. He presided at that time over the longest period of prosperity, sustained up to that point, finished his term very popular —and continues to be one of the most admired elected officials and former elected officials and men in the world.

1) About Mitchell’s dainty term, “past and sexism,” to describe the serial sexual depredations of Bill Clinton, which include a credible, on-the-record charge of rape: This is a euphemism so enigmatically prudish as to put Victorian grannies to shame. Not that it was chosen to spare the sensibilities of viewers. It was chosen so as not to prick or disturb or agitate our carefully conditioned memories, or hers.

2) About Wasserman Schultz’s crocodile concerns for Donald Trump: She says Trump et al. raise Bill Clinton as a “negative to their peril” because Clinton is so popular. So, we are supposed to believe the DNC chairwoman is trying to protect the Trump campaign from harm?


I think Wasserman Schultz is terrified that Trump will do to the Clintons what he does to everything else: Tear down the carefully constructed fake PC edifice and say what’s what. If that ever happens, the Clintons will have to go hide their heads in shame where they belong.

All of which should swivel our heads back to Mayor Masher in San Diego.

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