Too Good to Miss: Journalists Desperately Chase Hillary in Her Speeding 'Scooby' Van

By Scott Whitlock, Newsbusters

As though they were teenage girls chasing after the Beatles, journalists on Tuesday excitedly chased after Hillary Clinton and her "Scooby van." MSNBC kept vigil, waiting for a 2016 campaign event. Reporter Alex Seitz-Wald gushed, "We can see the motorcade approaching right now... We see the Scooby van, the famous Scooby van is coming down the road right now towards our set up now!" 

Anchor Thomas Roberts wondered where Clinton's motorcade is "in relation to where you're standing." Seitz-Wald narrated as reporters streamed past him, excited to catch a glimpse of the Democrat: "The Scooby van is coming up right here, right behind our camera. Here it is. There she goes. And Secret Service following behind her. Okay, they are going around to the back...You can see the media running behind me here to chase the Scooby van."  

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BREAKING: A small aircraft has landed on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol. The Capitol complex is on lockdown.

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