There Appears to Be a Problem With One Specific Claim Made by Hillary Clinton About Her Private Emails


Embroiled in an email scandal stemming from her tenure as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton finally addressed the controversy during a press conference on Tuesday. Clinton claimed she “fully complied by every rule that I was governed by,” but said her server will remain “private” as it contains “personal communications from my husband and me.”

But it’s that last claim that immediately came under scrutiny.

Just hours before Clinton spoke at the press conference, the Wall Street Journal reported that former President Bill Clinton still doesn’t use email and has only sent a total of two emails in his entire life, according to a spokesperson.

The former president sent one email to astronaut John Glenn and another to “U.S. troops serving in the Adriatic,” according to the report.

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday claimed that she decided to delete many “personal emails,” including ones about planning her daughter’s wedding, for reasons relating to privacy.

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