Texas Governor Orders Militia to Protect State Against Notorious Liar Obama’s Domestic War Games


If Obama says something is just a harmless “x” you know it’s in fact a harmful “y”, just like ObamaCare, his Iran deal, his decision to pull ALL troops out of Iraq that led to ISIS, his claim that white cops not black criminals are the problem, etc. etc. Jade Helm is a practice run for a domestic war against an uprising against the Federal government, period. Special forces cannot practice blending into foreign Muslim populations by blending into the Dallas population, because Special Forces are white boys who cannot blend into foreign muslim populations at all. That fact alone proves that the only use to that key element of the JH exercise is domestic warfare.

Excerpted from KVUEGov. Greg Abbott has directed the Texas State Guard to oversee Jade Helm 15, a military exercise scheduled to take place in Bastrop County this summer.

The operation involves 60 members and is scheduled to take place on private property in Smithville. They will use Texas roads and highways to get to 15 pieces of private property totaling more than 1,000 acres in Bastrop County.

The U.S. Army has said residents will have little contact with the military.

Abbott met with Maj. Gen. Gerald Betty, commander of the Texas State Guard at Camp Mabry, on Tuesday and directed him to monitor the operation, according to the governor’s office. Keep reading

Excerpted from The Statesman: In the wake of intense vocal opposition to a series of military exercises planned for this summer in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott has instructed the Texas State Guard to monitor the operation dubbed Jade Helm 15.

Abbott sent a letter Tuesday to Maj. Gen. Gerald “Jake” Betty, commander of the Texas State Guard, directing him to provide regular updates to the governor to ensure that residents’ “safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed” during the eight weeks of training from July to September.

U.S. military officials have described the Jade Helm 15 operations as a long-planned military exercise occurring throughout the Southwest — including parts of Bastrop County — that will include special forces units from multiple armed services, such as Army Green Berets and Navy SEALs. The training will take place in locations across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. Keep reading

Excerpted from Greg Abbot’s official government websiteFollowing discussions aimed at ensuring Texans are fully informed on Operation Jade Helm 15, Governor Greg Abbott today met with Major General Gerald “Jake” Betty, Commander of the Texas State Guard, and directed him to monitor the Operation.

Governor Abbott directed General Betty to provide regular updates to the Governor’s Office to ensure that Texans’ “safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed” during the eight-week training period from July 2015 – September 2015. Keep reading

AUSTIN (KXAN) — After Gov. Greg Abbott pushed back Monday against criticism of his request that the State Guard monitor a U.S. military training exercise — one some believe is a government conspiracy to launch a hostile takeover of Texas — he is talking more about his concerns surrounding the Jade Helm operation. He’s trying to “instill a sense of calm” for Texans, amid mistrust of President Obama.

“It’s so important to understand that there probably is no state in America that is more deeply connected to the military or honors the military more,” said Abbott in an interview Friday with News Channel Producer Nicole McManus in Washington, D.C.

Abbott says his office has been in communication with military at multiple levels.

“We have the greatest assurances that these are normal military operations,” he said. “They’re going to work out just fine.”

Fears about the upcoming, multiple-state “Jade Helm 15? war simulation being a preamble to martial law have circulated on social media and conservative websites for months. After a packed town hall meeting last week about the training exercise in rural Bastrop County, Abbott wrote to the State Guard and said measures would be in place to make sure civil liberties are not infringed upon.

“Frankly, I gotta tell you, I think the cause of the underlying concerns is that we see instances, like a shooting in Fort Hood by a terrorist, that the president labels workplace violence. We see the president come to the border in Texas and say it’s safer than it’s ever been,” said Abbott. “And so I think it was a misplaced perception by people in Texas who have problems with the Obama administration and connected that trust with the Obama administration to the military.” Keep reading

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Master the Human Domain: The Domestic Plan Behind Jade Helm

Master the Human Domain: The Domestic Plan Behind Jade Helm