Should The War on Drugs be Abandoned?

Should The War on Drugs be Abandoned?


The War on Drugs Needs to be Abandoned

There is much talk about the legalization of marijuana these days, and the legalization of all sorts of "drugs" that grow in nature. Usually, people lean hard one way or the other without ever really dealing with the substance (no pun intended) of what the argument for legalization is. One thing we do know is that the "War on Drugs" doesn't benefit the citizens of our country and often infringes on the rights of citizens, along with keeping those who have found help from such things as cannabis, from obtaining the remedies then need.

My Marine friend Jeremy Knauff took up the issue of marijuana legalization and explained why he went from being against it to supporting it.

"I used to stand firmly against legalization because of the obvious health and social risks," he wrote. "Sure, I had tried marijuana in high school, just like at least 38% of Americans had, and even though I knew some smart people who smoked quite often, I always assumed that most people still using it as an adult were probably deadbeats who sat around in their PJs all day playing Call of Duty and eating Cheetos."

He then provided some silly arguments, which are nothing but fear-mongering concerning marijuana legalization.

Not only that, but Knauff does admit that there are legitimate reasons for not using marijuana, but those are often not cited. Instead, he points out some of those reasons, but then also points out why they are irrelevant:

  • Marijuana makes people lazy. It might or it might not, but even if it does, that's their problem, not yours.
  • Marijuana is unhealthy. So is fast food, soda, and a sedentary lifestyle. Are you clamoring to make those illegal too? They have far more impact on health in America than all drugs, legal and illegal, combined.
  • Marijuana leads to harder drugs. Correlation is not causation. Some use marijuana and move on to other drugs, while some don't. On the other hand, some people who drank orange juice eventually went on to smoke crack, but that doesn't mean one had anything to do with the other.
  • Marijuana is addictive. It can be in about 9% of users—just like alcohol, sex, and junk food. 
  • Marijuana is not moral. According to who? If it doesn't harm you or infringe on your rights, your opinion really doesn't mean sh*t. 

Indeed, as with Prohibition, it was really an unlawful law and people rebelled against it to the point that it was repealed. The same people that argue against the legalization of alcohol and things like marijuana do so from the perspective of what people might do if such things were legalized. They fail to argue against banning food though, which people are abusing daily in our culture, bringing on obesity and health problems.

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