Shocked tourists see horrific moment crocodiles EAT man ...



A group of British tourists taking part in a sunset cruise along the Zambezi River were left horrified after seeing crocodiles eat a man, it has been reported.

The tour group and their guide were making their way down the river between Zimbabwe and Zambia when they saw crocodiles feeding.

But as they approached, it became clear that the reptiles were tearing apart the bottom half of a human.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the tourists alerted authorities - but by the time officials had arrived to investigate, the remains of the body had vanished.

It quotes a local source as saying: 'All there was to see of him was his trousers. We have had no information about anyone missing from villages around us, so we don't think the man was a local.'

Trevor Lane of Zimbabwean conservation group, the Bhejane Trust, said the body was believed to have been a Zambian man.

He is thought to have been among a group of 13 suspected poachers ambushed by park rangers in Zimbabwe just days earlier.

Mr Lane suggested that one of the poachers was killed in a clash between the two groups and that only nine men made it back over the river to Zambia.

He reportedly told the South African Press Association: 'We strongly suspect it was a poacher. 

'Maybe he was wounded and tried to swim across the river.'

The Telegraph Mr Lane as saying there was a 'shoot out' involving the poachers and the rangers and that he suspected the man was 'already dead when the crocodile ate him.'

It is the latest in a series of crocodile attacks in Zimbabwe and three children are reported to have been killed by them in the last three months.

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