Shock Video Shows Women Engage in Savage Brawl at Walmart, but Child’s Reaction May be Most Alarming

Editor’s Note: Video embedded in this story contains strong language and violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

by Oliver Darcy, THE BLAZE

Shock video posted online shows two women engage in a brutal fight at an Indiana Walmart Thursday, but how one of the women’s sons reacted might be the most alarming.

It wasn’t clear what prompted the brawl, but video captured by an onlooker shows the two women fighting and wrestling each other to the ground at a Beech Grove store.

Shortly into the video, a boy emerges and his mother, who was atop the other woman, instructed him to punch her opponent in the face. The boy obliged and was seen throughout the two videos repeatedly striking the woman on the ground.

When an onlooker told the child to stop or he would be taken to “little boy jail,” he refused.

“You can’t tell me to stop! Do not even tell me what to do!” the child shouted, adding “I’m not playing right now!”

Walmart spokesman Aaron Mullins told TheBlaze Monday that about 90 seconds after the fight began, management responded by calling police.

“I believe police showed up about eight minutes after,” he said.

Mullins said that Walmart policy prohibits security from interfering with physical confrontations, but added that the store had personnel stationed around the brawl to “monitor and make sure customers were safe.”

After police arrived, the two women were escorted outside the store.

Mullins said that from the retailer’s perspective the women are welcome back to shop, but noted that particular kind of behavior won’t be tolerated and is “unacceptable.”

A spokesperson for the Beech Grove Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment from TheBlaze.

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