Shock Poll: Majority of DEMOCRATS Don’t Believe Obama is a Christian

by Kristinn Taylor, GATEWAY PUNDIT

The liberal media is putting potential Republican presidential candidates through the Obama Inquisition, demanding they state for the record if they believe President Barack Hussein Obama II is a Christian as he claims. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was pilloried for telling the Washington Post this past weekend he isn’t sure about Obama’s faith.

It turns out the Republican Walker is aligned with the majority of the Democratic Party faithful when it comes to not being sure of Obama’s professed Christianity.

A poll released Wednesday at a Washington Post blog site buries the news that a majority of Democrats do not believe Obama is a Christian. Instead the article focuses on a slim majority of Republicans (fifty-four percent) thinking Obama is a Muslim. At this point in his presidency, Republicans thinking Obama is a closet Muslim is not news. 

What is news is that Obama’s fellow Democrats think he is lying about being a Christian.

According to the poll conducted last fall and released Wednesday, only forty-five percent of Democrats believe Obama is a Christian at heart. Twenty-six percent don’t know what Obama believes, seventeen percent think Obama is “spiritual” while ten percent think Obama is a Muslim. Two percent say Obama is an atheist.

Only nine percent of Republicans and sixteen percent of independents believe Obama is a Christian.

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