She’s Baaack! Watch State’s Marie ‘Jobs For Jihadists’ Harf (Oh Snap) Prove Her Critics Right

As Western Journalism reported over a month ago, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf opened herself up to unrelenting ridicule when she told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that America’s war against ISIS cannot be won by killing terrorists.

What the murderous Islamists really need, asserted Harf, is economic opportunity — a way out of poverty, deprivation, and despair. It was a far-left view of the West’s bloody conflict with radical Islam — an awkward attempt at excuse-making that came to be labelled the much-maligned “jobs for jihadists” approach to fighting Muslim militancy.

To Matthews’ credit, he was having none of Harf’s argument.

So then, the State Department flak headed on over to CNN to double down on the “jobs for jihadists” relief effort for terror-waging malcontents, while also sneering at her critics by saying her earlier comments were simply “too nuanced for some” to grasp. In other words, those who so passionately disagreed with her were, sadly, of an inferior intellect.

Well, now — just as the furor over the “jobs for jihadists” brouhaha was calming down — Marie Harf put herself squarely back in the harsh glare of the social media spotlight by offering another reason for the pounding criticism she’s received.

Her detractors who felt she was naive or nonsensicial in her claim that ISIS wreaks terror because the terrorists lack economic opportunity…well, they’re just “crazy”…crazy and sexist, charges Harf. They don’t respect what she said because, claims State’s official spokeswoman, she IS a woman.

Harf actually said she didn’t think her “jobs” remarks to be “in any way controversial.”

As noted on the website BizPacReview.com, Marie Harf raised this sinister specter of sexism at a foreign policy conference hosted by Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

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