Savage: Only God Himself can stop 'madman' Obama

Michael Savage

“The only thing that is going to stop this madman is God Himself.”

That was Savage’s reaction to Obama’s remark that he planned to “squeeze out every last ounce of progress” during his remaining time in the White House.

“There is no opposition party,” Savage continued. “He owns the media. The people have been deballed. … There’s nothing to stop Obama from imposing the mad agenda of the communist left (Free audio).”

Even after scores of British tourists were slaughtered by Muslim terrorists, British Prime Minister David Cameron insisted on playing down the link between Islam and violence.

“We’re living through the perversion of language and the death of the West,” said Savage in response. “England’s Prime Minister David Cameron is lying when he says ISIS is not Islamic. There is no British Empire anymore, and Obama if not stopped before the end of his madness is over, there will be no America anymore. … He is merging the United States of America into a North American trade zone, where Mexico and the United States will become one hodgepodge, where we inherit the poorest, the least educated and the most diseased of Mexico (Free audio).”

Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh predicted that the next fashionable victims will be polygamists, and they’ll be demanding their “rights” any day now: “Look, folks, you can think all you want, but there’s no legal basis to stop it now. There is no intellectually honest way to distinguish the reasoning on gay marriage from applying the same reasoning to supporting polygamy. … Marriage had a specific definition. Words mean things. And now it’s become something entirely different by virtue of the Supreme Court. You wait. There will be attempts to expand on this in ways that you can’t even conjure (Free audio).”

Limbaugh was impressed by Donald Trump’s reaction after Macy’s announced they were pulling all his merchandise out of their stores. Limbaugh congratulates the real estate mogul turned presidential candidate for refusing to apologize for his comments about illegal immigrants: “Folks, now Macy’s has told Trump they’re gonna get rid of all of his merchandise, and Trump is showing everybody how this is done. I don’t care what you think of Trump, but Trump is not backing down. Macy’s cans him, says they’re not gonna sell his merchandise anymore. … He goes on television and he says, ‘I didn’t know it! Some of my best friends are at Macy’s; I had no idea they supported illegal immigration. I had no idea Macy’s was in favor of this kind of law-breaking.’ (Free audio)”

Aaron Klein

Former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren came on the show to reiterate his view that Obama’s outreach to the Muslim world may be motivated by Obama’s being abandoned by two Muslim father figures.

Klein then exposed U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ close relationship with the largest socialist organization in the U.S., the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). He helped them with fundraising, recruitment and getting DSA-supported candidates into Congress. 

Klein also conducted an exclusive interview with Lebanon’s Druze leader, Walid Jumblatt, who joined the show amid heightened tensions: the massacre of Druze in Syria two weeks ago and the threat of an imminent massacre against the Druze on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights.

Listen to Aaron Klein’s show every week on radio (AM 970 The Answer in NY; NewsTalk 990 AM in Philly) or online.

Mark Levin

“The equivalent of the book burnings continues,” Levin told his listeners, after it was announced the Obama administration might block the construction of a new stadium for the Washington Redskins, because their name is now politically incorrect. “This is what change looks like America,” he declared. “Dictatorship. Censorship (Free audio).” 

Levin says the attacks on Donald Trump are orchestrated by the left, subjecting the presidential candidate to the kind of scrutiny they never subject Hillary, Obama and other Democrats and liberals to. 

He called Hillary Clinton a “crook and a fraud” who used her office to get rich. Levin adds this sort of harassment could happen to any American, and concerned citizens need to recognize it for what it is (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

After the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, Disney marked the occasion by lighting up the famous Cinderella Castle at Disney World in rainbow colors.

“Disney is supposed to be serving all families, but have you noticed that Friday, they lit the castle up with rainbow colors? That’s quite the statement,” Beck said, adding: “Why did they do that? Because they know you’re sheep. They know you’re not going to say ‘no’ to them, they know the other side will boycott them. … The left knows boycotts work and so, the other side is terrified (Free audio).”

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