Ramadi Has Fallen ... and Yet White House Insists Its ISIS Strategy Is a SUCCESS!!??

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I’m not sure how more insane the White House response can get to the news that the key city of Ramadi has fallen to ISIS.


Anxiety grips Hill over US strategy for ISIS, possibility of Iran fueling violence

Published May 19, 2015 | FoxNews.com

The fall of Ramadi to Islamic State forces -- despite Obama administration efforts to downplay it as a short-term setback -- has kicked up a sandstorm of problems for the White House:

  • The possibility that Iran-backed Shiite militias will take a lead role in the fight to retake the city;
  • Fresh political fallout over President Obama's decision to withdraw virtually all troops in 2011 -- against the advice of his top military commanders -- only to watch hard-fought U.S. gains undone by ISIS; and,
  • Congressional pressure from both sides of the aisle to rethink the current anti-ISIS military strategy.

Taken together, the problems pose a political and strategic migraine for an administration trying to manage the Iraq-Syria madness -- while also forging a nuclear deal with Iran, seeking a resolution in war-torn Yemen and keeping tabs on the rest of the tumultuous post-Arab Spring nations, including Egypt and Libya.

On Tuesday, congressional pressure mounted over the course of the U.S. military's anti-ISIS strategy.

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