Pentagon Chief Declares Excluding LGBT Troops Is a Threat to National Security


Why would anyone, regardless of orientation, even want to join the military at this point anyway? Or, better yet, what exactly is the definition of “national security” these days? How is it even possible that excluding LGBT troops threatens national security while illegals pouring over the U.S.-Mexico border is no big deal and the nation is somehow still magically secure? Does anyone here see the veracity in what the Pentagon Chief claims?

via U.S. News:

It was standing room only in the Pentagon’s main auditorium midday Tuesday, with staff spilling out into the corridor for a celebration of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members of the Department of Defense at a time of almost unprecedented change to the military’s social demographics.

Indeed, openly gay Army Brig. Gen. Randy Taylor, a decorated commander of a series of special operations units, served as moderator for the LGBT Pride Month Event. He began with remarks about how he and partner Lucas, now married, had to hide their relationship and orientation while he completed multiple tours of duty in Iraq, Somalia, Haiti and Afghanistan. Taylor is now one of the Army’s top information officers.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s keynote address emphasized the urgency of changing a bureaucracy as immense and deeply steeped in tradition as the military to adapt to current times, when young people are more tolerant, diverse and open than past generations. Anything less endangers American national security, he said.

 “We need to be a meritocracy. We have to focus relentlessly on our mission, which means the things that matter most about a person is what they can contribute to national defense,” Carter said. “We must ensure that everyone who is able and willing to serve has the full and equal opportunity to do so. We must start from a position of inclusivity, not exclusivity.”

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P.S. – A “meritocracy”? Ha. Ha HA. We live in an oligarchy. A scientific dictatorship. A totalitarian tyranny. Having the Pentagon chief of all people find it within himself to say “we need to be a meritocracy” is such a slap in the face, well… apologies in advance if your head fell off reading it.

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