O'Reilly: 'President Obama Is Living In A Dream World'

Fox News Insider

In his Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly said that President Obama believes his failing foreign policy is working.

O'Reilly stated that the world is descending into chaos because the United States has retreated from a power position overseas.

He explained that since Obama pulled all troops out of Iraq, terrorists invaded the country and they're still there.

O'Reilly said that millions of people in Syria have been killed or driven from their homes by a vicious civil war that has included the use of poison gas and chlorine by the "Syrian tyrant Assad."

"The Factor" host asserted that Obama has "threatened Assad, but done nothing."

O'Reilly also mentioned that after Obama proclaimed that Yemen was a success story in the War on Terror, the country's government collapsed and it is now being run by terrorists. 

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