One State Just Announced Plans to CASTRATE Sex Offenders


Oklahoma has announced a new plan that has left sex offenders shaking with fear.

Following the example of Florida and California, Oklahoma State Senator Mark Allen has proposed a bill that would aim to chemically castrate violent sex offenders.

Under the new plan, first time sex offenders would have the option to undergo the castration process in exchange for an early release. Second time offenders, however, would be forced to be chemically castrated.

The bill has been controversial, but many who have worked with sex offenders think it is a great idea. David Slane, an attorney who has represented more than 500 sex offenders in court, is very much in favor of the bill:

“I remember one in particular who told me he went to his doctor voluntarily. He used this hormone therapy and, as he said, ‘It cured me. I no longer have the thoughts. I no longer have the sex drive.’ For years afterwards he had never reoffended. So to me, that was proof in the pudding. There may be something here.”

Though Slane has seen it work, he acknowledges there are still some issues with chemical castration.

“On the other hand, the idea that we would force drugs on people that have not been approved by the FDA would subject the state to lawsuits, and I feel like that part needs to be taken out,” Slane said.

Senator Allen, however, points to the results other states have had when he is confronted by detractors of the bill.

“The inmate has to go through counseling before going through the process,” Allen said. “I think they’ve had about a 90 percent success rate. If somebody wants an early release from prison they can go through the process.”

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