Obama: The U.N. Replaces U.S. Congress

By John Gibson, Fox News Radio

The stars are starting to align on the Iran nuclear deal the Obama administration is putting together.

Never mind the details, at least for the moment.

Perhaps all you need to know right now is who gets to approve the deal, besides Iran.

It will be the U.N. Security Council. It will not be the U.S. Congress.

The Obama team has now made it perfectly clear the United Nations will get a yea or nea.

Team Obama has also made it perfectly clear that Congress has no role except to stand on the sidelines and either cheer or jeer, to no effect whatsoever. Emphatically. No effect.

The Administration is telling Senator Bob Corker of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to back off legislation he is proposing that would require Congressional approval of any deal made with Iran. And Senator Corker is the level-headed, responsible one, even in the view of the White House.

As for newbie Senator Tom Cotton, author of the infamous Iran letter, the Administration, the Democrats, and the media have nothing but scorn for him, as the ultimate blundering butt-insky. Graybeard Bob Schieffer had Senator Cotton on Face The Nation and wanted to know if Cotton planned to write to the North Koreans, too. That’s a question designed to express the disdain of the questioner.

And Secretary of State John Kerry was asked what role Congress would play in approval or changes in the deal and he sniffed, in the style of a royal chamberlain, that Congress had no right to change anything in any deal the executive (read: the king) makes.

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