Obama’s Health May Be In Jeopardy – Will He Finish His Second Term?


Everyone has noticed that Barack Obama has aged considerably since he took office six years ago. Now, new reports reveal that the president is suffering from a series of health problems, and some say that he may not be able to finish his second term.

Back in December, Obama was hospitalized with a sore throat. Doctors found that the president was suffering from acid reflux, which is a painful condition that is often caused by stress.

Considering how much Obama has aged and his recent hospitalization, it is very clear that the president is suffering from serious stress issues that would likely affect his heart. Obama’s heart has already been weakened from his history with cocaine, so a heart attack would not be a huge surprise from the president.

Doctors have been monitoring Obama’s heart closely for years now, indicating that they are worried about the affect stress might be having on him.

The Obama administration is staying tight-lipped about the president’s health issues, as they do not want his enemies to get excited about the prospect of him leaving office. Before we get too giddy about the prospect of Obama leaving the presidency, we should remember that if he does we’ll be stuck with Joe Biden for president. I’m not sure if that is better or worse…

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