Obama: Memorial Day 'Especially Meaningful' Because Wars Are Over


By William Kristol, The Weekly Standard

As I was looking around online Saturday, I happened to come across the text of President Obama's Memorial Day weekend radio address. Here's how it begins:

Hi, everybody. This weekend is Memorial Day-a time to pay tribute to all our men and women in uniform who've ever given their lives so that we can live in freedom and security. This year, the holiday is especially meaningful. It's the first Memorial Day since our war ended in Afghanistan.

There are a couple of things in that first paragraph I found off-putting. (I'll acknowledge I tend to find many things President Obama says off-putting).

First of all, "Hi, everybody?" Really? For a Memorial Day tribute?

More important, think about the President's claim that "This year, the holiday is especially meaningful." He's wrong. Memorial Day is equally meaningful whether we're conducting combat operations in Afghanistan or not.

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