Obama Family Reveals Their Post-Presidential Plans – This Isn’t Good

by Andrew Spalding, TELL ME NOW

Like all of America, the Obama family are eagerly making plans for when they leave office in 2016, and what they’re going to do may surprise you.

Since before he got elected, Barack Obama has been expressing his undying loyalty to Chicago, using the city’s devotion to him to get himself elected to the Senate and then to the presidency. However, now that he’s used Chicago for all it’s worth, he’s planning to abandon the city and possibly move to New York after he leaves office.

According to Buzzfeed, the Obamas are planning on moving to New York because of “messy Chicago politics and a personal craving for a new beginning when they leave the White House for the last time as residents. The first family fears the Chicago they left is not one they want to return to, and a source close to the family said the long-shot New York library bid has emerged as a serious alternative.”

According to Mediaite, this move also could be due in large part to the unpopularity of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, who was once Obama’s chief of staff. The president played a large part in getting Emanuel elected, and now Chicagoans are paying the price. Never one to suffer the consequence of his own actions, Obama is planning to abandon his “beloved” city and start over someplace else.

There are also reports that the Obamas are planning on becoming political pundits in New York, and are also planning to work on the potential Obama Presidential Library at Columbia University.

“New York is the media capital of the world. I think that’s what he wants and you don’t get that anywhere else,” said New York congressman Peter King, who added that he’d “heard second and third hand” that Obama is seriously considering New York. “I can certainly understand why.”

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